Testimonials from Past Clients

Birth at Home with Midwife Three months into my second pregnancy I called Dana sobbing. I had just returned home from my third prenatal appointment at the hospital and was now sure there was no way I would give birth in the Kaiser facility. Even by phone, Dana was gentle and thoughtful, comforting and empowering. I felt cared for right away.

At our first meeting (in my home!) Dana reviewed my past medical history, asked me about my version of my first birth experience, and met my husband. She reassured me that despite having a previous cesarean, I was able to have a natural home birth. I was really impressed that she was both science and spiritually minded about my situation. Again, I noticed how calm I felt in her presence.

Throughout my pregnancy Dana provided me a great resource for nutrition, pregnancy health, and emotional support. She also helped me surmount my psychological obstacles regarding birth. Truthfully, I stopped thinking of myself as a VBAC candidate. I believed I was just another pregnant woman planning on having a baby.

I literally did have the birth I dreamed. The night I went into labor Dana came to our house and quietly (almost magically) prepared everything we needed. By her advice, I took a walk outside, kissed my husband under a giant redwood, saw a shooting star and came home to have our baby. When labor felt unbearable, she reminded me how much I wanted to see my baby, helped me relax into each contraction and massaged my lower back so I could focus and visualize the baby’s head. When the time came I was allowed to get into my instinctual birthing position and with no fear welcomed a healthy 8 pound boy into our lives right in our bedroom!

The treasure of that night was more than just the baby, the treasure was having the care to have a baby the way I wanted to have a baby and I will always thank Dana for being here for me.

-Vinita Laroia

After having a c-section with my first baby due to a breech presentation, I thought a c-section for any subsequent pregnancies and birth experiences was my only option. Birth at Home with Midwife Once I discovered we were pregnant with our second wonderful miracle, I consulted with my conventional OB/GYN who advised me that a second c-section would be the favorable option for my birth plan. I was given a 50 percent chance of attempting a successful Vaginal Birth after C-Section (VBAC) where my doctors quoted outdated and unrealistic data regarding VBAC statistics, regardless of my current healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. Even if I attempted a VBAC with this organization, I was told strict orders and limitations would be placed on my birth process. My husband and I were extremely upset that we would not be able to experience the type of birth we longed for, and decided there must be a better way. At five months pregnant we met with Dana and instantly felt a connection. She was exactly what we were looking for, an experienced midwife willing to support us in either a home or hospital VBAC attempt. Initially, Dana worked with us to provide pre-natal care in conjunction with our conventional OB/GYN as we were undecided on which birth option we felt most comfortable with. Throughout my care, Dana was always warm and nurturing, as well as strong and professional. She worked with me in the comfort of our home to provide scientific/holistic physical care (e.g., testing, nutrition, chiropractic recommendations, supplements, etc.) and emotional support, with the latter being the most important piece in my journey towards a successful VBAC. She helped me process, understand and overcome my fears of going against the “once a c-section always a c-section rule” and attempting a home-birth VBAC. Through Dana I learned that I am strong, competent and powerful and had all the wisdom within me to birth my baby successfully. During the last weeks of my pregnancy we felt so empowered and supported by Dana that we decided to plan for our VBAC home birth. As the birth experience began, Dana was right by our side, looking wise, calm and comforting, offering words of encouragement, providing stability and safety, and yummy homemade protein vanilla milkshakes (a lifesaver). She always knew when to intervene and when to respect private moments with our family. On February 23rd at 1:30 in the morning we introduced Oliver Muir to this world after a miraculous, successful, uncomplicated, natural, home VBAC! Our 9 lbs, 8 oz baby boy was so wonderful, peaceful, and healthy (Apgar score 10). Dana was so helpful postpartum as well, making sure mom and baby were well taken care of during her invaluable multiple follow-up visits: providing perineum compresses/herbs, exercises, placenta encapsulation, hugs, etc. for mommy and testing, tips and care for baby Oliver. We are so grateful for Dana and all that she did for our family. She brought out our inner strength and blessed us with our wonderful baby and all the memories that came with his amazing birth. Thank you Dana for all that you are!

-Jennie, Kevin, Isabella & Baby Oliver

Birth at Home with Midwife

Dhyan was born in October at home with the help of Dana who was amazing! Finding our ideal midwife wasn’t easy. However, after meeting Dana Fox we knew she was the right one. She came to our house on the first meeting, something none of the other midwives did, and since we wanted a home birth it seemed right that we all start becoming comfortable with each other there. Dana’s strength of character, confidence and caring manner put us at ease. With her western nursing background and eastern holistic approach, Dana was the perfect balance we were looking for.

Throughout the pregnancy Dana’s guidance helped us to be as healthy and well prepared as possible. Finally, when the going got rough, Dana’s faith in us brought out the courage and spirit we needed to make it through. In the end we were rewarded with life’s most precious gift and we felt deeply bonded with Dana. Dana Fox is an extremely skilled, talented and gifted midwife you can trust and feel safe with.

~ Brian, Annamaria & Baby Dhyan

Dana was my midwife for two of my three sons. She is a wise crone-goddess midwife in labor as well as prenatal and postpartum support. She is very professional, very warm, easy to feel comfortable with. Dana was a true gift because of her confidence and willingness to work with me and to put a plan in place to prevent complications that occured at my previous homebirth. Even my very nervous husband felt he could stand behind me and Dana to make this second homebirth happen.

Birth at Home with Midwife

She provided excellent prenatal care, very thorough, always supporting me, all the while asking me important questions, never pushing any tests on me. I loved having a midwife who came to me, my whole family felt cared for, including preparing the older children for the birth.

My two births with Dana were so smooth, she drew out my powerful 'hear me roar' woman energy. Dana supported me just as I needed her to, not too much, not too little. She just matched me and met me where I was in labor, she was my anchor and safe harbor, holding my hand and listening to me, being with me. It's as though Dana has been a midwife before this life-maybe about 300 years.

Dana's postpartum care was consistent and very essential, helping me deal with engorgement, hemorrhoids, overwhelm and exhaustion, and is a swaddle master. She also supported me with Mother Roasting and made the placenta into capsules.

I would recommend Dana to women who want a humble, rigorous, knowledgeable, hands on yet hands off midwife. She is quietly powerful and gets the job done with her groundedness. Did I mention Dana's very sweet and sensible too, she truly embodies the best of midwifery. You would be lucky and smart to chose her to be your midwife because she will create a safe haven for you, your baby and family.
~ Maureen

"On February 15th, 2009, Dana Fox delivered my son and laid him on my chest, in the comfort of my own bed. My husband by my side, my son in my arms, it was the moment we've been waiting for, and the best moment of my life. I will never forget that feeling and the insurmountable love that enveloped the room.

Midwife Clients with Newborn

I first met Dana when I was about five months pregnant. My husband and I decided to have a home birth and Dana came highly recommended. After our meeting, we knew we were in good hands, and I was confident that we were going to have an amazing birth experience. My pre-natal care was comfortable, intimate, and educational. Dana is extremely knowledgeable in the field of midwifery and her confidence allowed me to feel safe and instill all my trust in her. Each visit lasted about an hour and allowed time to share any questions or concerns we might have on our mind. Dana provided valuable information to us and was there to listen to our needs. Not only does she provide pre-natal care, but also post-natal care, which was a great relief for me. After such an incredible journey together, I would not have wanted to say goodbye the day of delivery.

Throughout my time with Dana, she really got to know me as a person and what I wanted out of my birth experience. She is intuitive and compassionate. During my labor, Dana was there in the way I needed her, offering gentle words of encouragement, while giving me the space I required to focus and bring my baby into the world. My husband and I plan on having more children in the future and look forward to another journey with Dana by our side. Thank you Dana, for making our home birth so personal and special. Words cannot express our gratitude."
~ Marla

Home Birth - Family and Newborn Baby"It was fall of 1998 that I first spoke to you on the phone. I remember our conversation so clearly for that was the first time I was able to reveal my fears about being pregnant to anyone. It happened so naturally, you just let me be myself and guided me through in your kind and gentle way. From that first point of contact my pregnancy took a different direction and my world opened to an ancient kind of wisdom. Thank you for your role along my path. Thank you for sharing your voice, wisdom, expertise, patience and kindness with me and all the other families you have touched. And your laugh too, you have a great laugh!"
~ Theresa

"I remember at our first meeting hearing you mention me having the birth of my dreams. Based on what I knew of birth from my previous hospital experience I thought..ha! Postpartum Care - Baby and MotherHow the hell am I going to do that? What is the birth of my dreams even? I did not know. As time drew near, I still did not know. On the day Miles was born, I felt supported by everyone around me and I could feel my body's own wisdom because nothing and no one was in the way. In fact, it was being supported in the subtlest of ways. I have never felt anything like that before. Thank you for honoring the wisdom of my body and believing in it, it is just a part of your being to believe in the natural power of a woman to birth her baby. I could feel that the whole time and what a difference it makes! And that feeling of being so believed in has set the foundation for the way I would like to parent my kids. Thank you, Dana. Now I know what it looks like to have the birth of my dreams."
~ Lisa

Midwife Client"I cannot recommend Dana highly enough. As one of my midwives during pregnancy, her care was superb. Any time I had an issue she got the underlying cause right the first time, thanks to her and her team I had a super easy pregnancy. I have also used Dana as a resource since my pregnancy, she is a truly wonderful medical resource to have, and she is very tuned in to pre and post partum issues. If I ever had a major medical problem in my life I would check in with Dana before taking any action, she is truly gifted in this regard. I am sure you will enjoy working with Dana and benefit from her skilled and intuitive care-giving."
~ Sinead

Postpartum Care - Baby and Mother"Your warmth, your calm, your confidence, your love, these are only a few of the elements that make you the radiant, grounding force that we love. You were the guiding light and the skilled hands that first touched magic into our beautiful son, and you loved and mothered me so I could surrender to the force of Life coming through me. I appreciate your attentive care, your open ear, your advice. You are so much more than a midwife, but a sister, a mother, a friend and therapist. We are so blessed to have had the honor of having you in our lives as all of these characters, and we will cherish you forever more!"
~ Rosie

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Happy Children Playing"From our first telephone conversation to two weeks ago when you happened to call during a nursing crisis, you have always had helpful, calm advice. People who know you are very lucky people, and I'm sure your new neighbors and clients will discover that shortly. Thank you so much for all your help with two pregnancies, births, and the days after. You made everything easier and helped me appreciate the nature of birth, which is both lyrical and prosaic."
~ Denise

Midwifery Care - Mom with sons"What an enormous gift Maris' birth has been. We are so grateful to you for your skill, your warmth and honesty and your love. My life feels so different. I've regained lightness, restored myself; the world feels open again. Your generous companionship was invaluable, as was your guidance. I will always hold you in my heart with immeasurable love and thanks."
~ Jessica

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